TESS Science Conference II

Aug 2 - 6 2021, Online

  • February 4th: Open abstract submission (Talks and posters, Splinter sessions)
  • March 29: Open registration.
  • April 2nd: Splinter session abstract deadline.
  • April 30: Talks and posters abstract deadline.
  • June 11: Announcement of decision on abstracts.
  • July 1st: Registration deadline.
  • July 10: Late posters abstract submission deadline.
  • July 23: Posters upload deadline.
  • August 1st: Virtual opening reception (19:00 - 21:00 UT, 15:00 - 17:00 EDT).
  • August 2nd: The first day of the conference.

Virtual rooms

  • Room 1 (Main Room) - Sessions 1 through 10, Splinter sessions: Ultra short period planets (Aug 4 UT), Atmospehric characterization (Aug 5 UT).
  • Room 2 - Parallel sessions 3.1 (Aug 3 UT) and 6.1 (Aug 4 UT), Splinter session: SETI w TESS (Aug 4 UT).
  • Room 3 - Splinter session: Machine learning (Aug 4 UT).
  • Room 4 - Splinter session: CHEOPS (Aug 4 UT).
  • Room 5 - Splinter session: TESS GI - Lightkurve (Aug 4 UT).
  • Room 6 - Splinter session: FFI pipelines (Aug 5 UT).
  • Room 7 - Splinter session: Planets around young stars (Aug 5 UT).
  • Links to the Zoom webinar and meeting room of each session are available in the detailed schedule PDF file below, and in a pinned message in the conference Slack workspace #general channel.

Detailed Schedule

The detailed schedule in a PDF file is available here.

Virtual opening reception

To kick off the conference week we will have a virtual opening reception on Gather.town (link to be shared by Email) on Sunday, August 1st, 19:00 - 21:00 UT = 15:00 - 17:00 EDT = 12:00 - 14:00 Pacific. This will be an opportunity to socialize and browse the conference posters. Bring your own coffee/tea/wine/beer. Family members, including pets, are welcome!

Off-topic talks

We will have two off-topic talks, which will be outside the regular conference schedule. The subject of those talks is not directly related to the TESS mission, but is of interest to the conference participants. Those talks will be in Room 1 (main room).

  • August 3rd, 22:15 - 23:15 UT (6:15 pm - 7:15 pm ET): The Role of Art in Science Communication - Kaitlyn Soares, Thaila Khan, Joby Harris (JPL Travel Posters team). This talk is timed with the expected release of a new batch of JPL Travel Posters, including a poster dedicated to the TESS mission.
  • August 4th, 15:45 - 16:45 UT (11:45 am - 12:45 pm ET): The NASA Juno Mission - Steven Levin, Juno Project Scientist (JPL). This talk is timed at one day before Juno's 10 year launch anniversary.

Block Schedule

  • Contributed and Invited Talks are 15 minutes.
  • Invited Overviews Talks are 25 minutes.
  • Panel Discussions are 50 minutes.
  • An ics file with the time windows of the conference sessions is available here.

Talks on Monday 8/2/21

Talks on Tuesday 8/3/21

Talks on Wednesday 8/4/21

Talks on Thursday 8/5/21

Talks on Friday 8/6/21

Panel Discussions

Exoplanets (Session 4 -- Tuesday)

Juliette Becker, Johanna Teske, Daniel Thorngren, Diana Valencia (Moderator: Leslie Rogers)

Young Stars (Session 5 -- Wednesday)

Ruth Angus, Jason Curtis, Ann Marie Cody, George Zhou (Moderator: Ben Montet)

Data Analysis (Session 7 -- Thursday)

Jason Eastman, Adina Feinstein, Rodrigo Luger, Andrew Vanderburg (Moderator: Megan Bedell)

Solar System (Session 9 -- Friday)

Christina Hedges, Matt Payne, Róbert Szakáts, Deb Woods (Moderator: Andras Pal)

Future Missions (Session 9 -- Friday)

Willy Benz, Susan Mullally, Heike Rauer, Giovanna Tinetti (Moderator: Knicole Colon)

Splinter Sessions

Ultra Short Period Planets (Session 5 -- Wednesday)

(Organizer: Brian Jackson)

Tools for Analyzing TESS Data (Session 5 -- Wednesday)

(Organizer: Rebekah Hounsell)

SETI with TESS (Session 5 -- Wednesday)

(Organizer: Ann Marie Cody)

Machine Learning Applications for TESS Data (Session 5 -- Wednesday)

(Organizer: David Armstrong)

CHEOPS and TESS Synergies (Session 5 -- Wednesday)

(Organizer: Hugh Osborn)

Atmospheric Characterization (Session 8 -- Thursday)

(Organizer: Tansu Daylan)

TESS FFIs Light Curve Pipelines (Session 8 -- Thursday)

(Organizer: Sam Grunblatt)
  • 20:00 UT (16:00 ET): Sam Grunblatt Introduction
  • 20:05 UT (16:05 ET): Michelle Kunimoto Introduction to the QLP
  • 20:13 UT (16:13 ET): Adina Feinstein Introduction to FFI light curves with eleanor
  • 20:21 UT (16:21 ET): Derek Buzasi/Mikkel Lund/Rasmus Handberg Introduction to FFI light curves with TASOC
  • 20:29 UT (16:29 ET): Doug Caldwell Introduction to FFI light curves with SPOC
  • 20:45 UT (16:45 ET): Workshop

Planets Around Young Stars (Session 8 -- Thursday)

(Organizer: Louise Nielsen)
  • 20:05 UT (16:05 ET): Elisabeth Newton Young planet introduction
  • 20:10 UT (16:10 ET): Ed Gillen A dedicated search for young transiting planets in TESS data
  • 20:25 UT (16:25 ET): Ben Tofflemire TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets: Recent Results and Improving Inclusivity of the Young Plant Sample
  • 20:40 UT (16:40 ET): Luke Bouma Young Planets in the Halos of Nearby Open Clusters
  • 21:05 UT (17:05 ET): Alexis Heitzmann What do we learn from the obliquity of the youngest transiting hot Jupiter?
  • 21:20 UT (17:20 ET): Elisabeth Newton Panel discussion