TESS Science Conference III

July 29 - August 2, 2024, MIT / Cambridge, USA

Astronomy on Tap

Monday 29th July, Saloon, Somerville - near Davis Square. (Look for the antique street lamp!)

Astronomy on Tap is a regular event where we bring astronomy to your local bar! Learn about the Universe over a pint with short, free talks about astronomy as well as astronomy-related news, trivia and games. During the week of the TESS conference we will be hosting a special Astronomy on Tap event with visiting speakers Daniel Huber (University of Hawai'i) and Josh Pepper (Lehigh University), who will describe how TESS is discovering new exoplanets around nearby stars, and helping us to understand the properties of stars themselves. Check out the poster. More details to come!

Songs from Extrasolar Spaces: An Evening of Music Inspired by TESS

Tuesday 30th July, 8:00pm-9:00pm + reception, Kresge Auditorium, MIT Building W16

We are hosting a special TESS-themed concert, featuring several astronomy-inspired musical works including the world premiere of two works by MIT composer, Elena Ruehr, performed by Boston’s Lorelei Ensemble.

The concert serves as an opportunity for reflection on the progress made in our study of planet and as a source of inspiration for what is to come in the human search for understanding. Astronomers and the public alike are invited to contemplate in the framework of music the fundamental questions we ask about our place in the universe: What is essential for life? Are we alone? Are we unique? The event also includes three short public talks and a reception. All ages welcome. See this site for more details and a full schedule.

Future of Exoplanet Research Live stream

Friday, August 2, the TESS Science Conference will host a live stream, free and open to the public, of the Future of Exoplanet Research symposium, featuring panels by leading astronomers in the field on the vision for better understanding exoplanets, distant solar systems, potential biosignatures, and the path to get there.

Access the live stream on Facebook, Twitter, or at this link: http://web.mit.edu/webcast/tess/sum19/

Press Inquiries

For members of the press covering the TESS Science conference or results discussed therein, please refer to the media advisory below: MIT Media Advisory Please direct any additional questions to Julia Keller, MIT School of Science Director of Communications, at jckeller [at] mit [dot ] edu and Natalia Guerrero, MIT-TESS Communications Lead, at nmg [at] mit [dot] edu