TESS Science Conference II

Aug 2 - 6 2021, MIT / Cambridge, USA

  • February 4th: Open abstract submission (Talks and posters, Splinter sessions)
  • March 29: Open registration.
  • April 2: Splinter session abstract deadline.
  • April 30: Talks and posters abstract deadline.
  • June 4: Announcement of the program.
  • July 1: Registration deadline
  • August 2: The first day of the conference.

The TESS Science Conference II (TSC2) is timed at the beginning of the 2nd year of the TESS Extended Mission, and the 4th year overall. The conference will cover all science done with TESS data, from Solar System (asteroids, trans-neptunian objects, comets), through exoplanets and stellar astrophysics (asteroseismology, variable stars, stellar binaries), to extragalactic astronomy (supernovae, AGN, TDEs). The conference will focus on all aspects of the mission: TESS data analysis techniques developed by the community, follow-up observations of targets identified using TESS data, and how discoveries made with TESS data impact theoretical understanding.

This will be the second in a series of TESS Science Conferences. The first TESS Science Conference website is available here.


To contact the SOC or LOC write to: tsc2@mit.edu

  • Tim Bedding - University of Sydney
  • Megan Bedell - Flatiron Institute
  • Jennifer Burt (co-Chair) - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Knicole Colon - Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Caroline Dorn - University of Zurich
  • JJ Hermes - Boston University
  • Chelsea Huang - University of Southern Queensland
  • Hans Kjeldsen - Aarhus University
  • Ben Montet - University of New South Wales
  • Caroline Morley - UT Austin
  • Andras Pal - Konkoly Observatory
  • Sam Quinn - Harvard Smithsonian CfA
  • George Ricker - MIT
  • Leslie Rogers - University of Chicago
  • Ben Shappee - University of Hawaii
  • Avi Shporer (co-Chair) - MIT
  • Jennifer van Saders - University of Hawaii


To contact the SOC or LOC write to: tsc2@mit.edu

  • Elisabeth Adams - MIT
  • James Davenport - PSI
  • Moritz Guenther - MIT
  • Rahul Jayaraman - UW
  • Avi Shporer (chair) - MIT
  • Evan Tey - MIT